Don’t just talk about your app, create cards that download it


Downloads on Tapp for files and Apps

Tappcards are custom printed promotional cards with your branding featuring NFC and QR technology, providing a seamless mobile experience. Use the Tappcard dashboard to see interactions happening live and to update download links on the fly.

Custom Printed

Tappcards arrive pre-programmed and are offset printed on high-quality, credit-card-thick plastic. Create your design with our Adobe artwork templates, or have one of our designers create something custom just for you!


Track Online

Tappcards automatically direct users to the correct store for their device. Use the Tappcard dashboard to edit your download links and to see real-time analytics showing who is interacting with your app.

Share Promo Codes

Tappcards work with your existing promotional codes. Include generic coupon codes or use individualized promotional codes on the back of your cards to amplify the Tappcard experience with a unique offer for each recipient.

Tappcards are compatible with almost anything on the web and also include monitorable share links for your social media posts to track in your dashboard.

Stop branding pens, and take Tappcards to your next conference or tradeshow. It's time to stand out.